ESPN shoulda been at this game! Cooper 78 – Abilene 74 in OT

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Crosstown Showdown Cougars 2 - 0 in 2019 (Boys Varsity football & basketball)

What a great high school game! Where is Cooper's student section? Man. That game coulda been on ESPN. Both teams were playing really clean basketball & neither team was playing zone, so it was a shootout the way both offenses like to play. My expectation was that Abilene was going to be too much for Cooper, just lack of playing thru the post is what kept them from controlling the pace & controlling the score. Both teams drop it like it's hot from the 3 point line, both struggle with post passing. CJ Jemison, Noah Garcia & Josh Henry were unconscious, draining beautiful jump shots, beautiful, contested jumpshots. It was incredible performances. Noah Garcia I think tries to make it as hard as he can to score, then he does, then he tells you about it, lol.

The Eagle defense is as scary as Xavier Graves, Jorge Hernandez & the #EagleSteelCurtain. Those boys get after it. They don't look winded, ever. They could have gone to a zone to slow Garcia, I don't recall that they did. On offense, they are so talented top to bottom. Dylan Wright & Nathan Watts are almost never on the floor together, omg... Dylan is a physical force, defense & boards. Nathan is everything in a big you want. Cooper would have had nothing in the paint against them & zero second chances. I understand Dylan's offensive skills are a bit limited to near the hoop & he seemed pretty timid when I watched the Monterey game, but the summer game I watched the two of them take out It is killing me why Abilene is playing more inside ball, you may have heard in my social media me mentioning it. They would run it man, run it, with their bigs more involved. AHHHrg.

Fantastic game, I really love watching both teams. Ton's of talent. Videos probably the rest of the year is what I'll be focusing on from here for basketball.

(There are a lot of photos, it may take your browser a second or two to fresh)

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