2019 Cooper Cougars vs Canyon – Catclaw Classic

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Game comes down to two 3 point foul shots in last seconds!

Every game has it's own closing.  You never can predict what can happen in the 4th quarter in general, of any game.  Much less, the last minutes & seconds.  Josh Henry is a very confident basketballer.  His ball handling is calm, collected & fundamentally sound.  He was fouled on the Cooper end shooting a baseline three, down one, stepped to the free-throw line with one dribble each time & drained three.  As the ball traveled down to the other side, down by two, the Canyon player shot a three with 0.8s left in the game & was fouled by a blocking call.  Unfortunately, the player wasn't able to make the shots needed.  Cooper inbounded & it felt like Cooper was able to steal one.  They had to come back several times in the second half.  But, timing is everything, right?

Your basketball game is not complete without a consistent free throw %.  If you want to be the clutch closer, the go-to, the man, you can't do it without a free throw game.  #KeepPracticing

Cooper looks smaller than the two other Abilene teams (AHS & Wylie) but they are scrappy & opportunistic.  Judging from last year, they definitely have hot streak potential that can take down any opponent.  But, being a smaller team they need to handle box outs & securing rebounds with more urgency to compete on a night in night out basis.  I've only watched one of their games so far, so I have a short study to go on at this point.

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