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2020 San Angelo Track Meet – Middle Schools

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Over 300 photos if I remember correctly, so wait for them to load it may take a sec on some browsers...

So, I wasn't exactly sure which mascots were Abilene schools. I wasn't sure about the yellow & blue team that might have been Wylie. I know Clack, Madison, Mann, Craig were there, any other one's? Let me know in the comments I have more pics.

Looking forward to seeing some of these kids go up through the ranks, I'll try to make events for middle schools. Hopefully, another track meet this year since they are local usually. You can buy them, but I am seriously backed up right now. I do posters, phone cases & stuff.

San Angelo Track Meet 2020

Wylie Lady Bulldogs Upset Coogs!

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Cooper has been rolling....

OMG this one had to hurt for the Cooper squad who's been taking out opponents left & right, to get stopped by Wylie. Since the volleyball team looks pretty similar to the basketball team, Wylie always seems to have Cooper girls number (I'm only familiar with the volley & bball teams). Wylie hit their 3's that they needed & Cooper's press just didn't turn the same amount of turnovers as usual.

Revenge Game For Wylie Boys Over Cooper

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Wylie wins 50-44

2020 Abilene High vs Richland Basketball

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I almost jinxed the boys when I tweeted that Richland has been a tough out for everyone they have played.  The boys squeaked it out after relatively controlling the game.  Richland did actually retake the lead as much as 2 points(?) right in the last 3-4 minutes of the game.  Khristian Johnson 3 pointer & some JoJo, the Eagles finished strong.  I'm tellin you, sixth man showed up, it totally makes the difference.  If you don't have a good home crowd, playing at home is really a weakness in basketball.  Nothing better than to come into somebody's gym & talk a little smack face to face with some hometown fans, so @EagleFrontRow puttin in the work again.  I like that there are a lot of the football team, so the talk does have some enforcers behind it.  Was some good banter.

Girls unfortunately could have beat that team, they basically gave it to them.  3rd quarter was crossing the Sahara & there were some turnovers by some of the young players over trying.  Disappointing, but the Lady Eagles have some talent & like I've said somewhere before, I saw the best basketball play I've seen in Abilene from this girls squad.  Just one of those games.

235 Photos of Boys & Girls

A few pics from Abilene High vs Cooper Girls Soccer 2020

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I was deathly ill with a food poisoning or something & wasn't able stay the whole game.  I was shivering literally the entire time, but I am looking forward to coming out to another game.  Abilene High has some future stars in several freshman that get significant playing time across several sports & actually having to decide which sport they are going to play, game to game.  The boys played right after & I just couldn't make it.  The AHS girls scored a goal right as I was getting to my car to make it a score of 3-0.