The score reflects the success of the Tiger press… 62-41

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What I saw thru the lens of this game...

The game was pretty competitive, Frenship had a big 2nd quarter where they pulled away with turnovers & three pointers.  Wylie would have had a tough time running with them, they needed to play close to flawless basketball to do so & unfortunately the ball handling of guards was, not good.  Wylie's post players were playing well against the Frenship defense.  #23 Donovan Smith had an early dunk with sophomore Avery Brekke coming late to catch a bit of the poster.  The Bulldogs played strong the rest of the game, but dunks have psychological effects that can linger & Donovan hit all his free throws ta boot.  But, still, my opinion is that Bulldog bigs outplayed Tiger bigs.  I hope the Wylie student section was "giving it" to Frenship every time they got back at them with the post play, Brekke, Ruffin (had a nice block on a possible Donovan dunk but called foul) & Piland were playing really strong all around.  Wylie senior Shayden Payne has great post feeds in general & a few that led to a few easy baskets in this game.   Walker Piland #40 had two big 3's & #12 Colby Tanner had a big three.  Wylie made some ground back on Frenship during the 3rd & 4th quarter in spurts, but nothing was able to stick.  Payton Brooks played a good game with a few steals, but he wasn't the threat he can be from behind the arc & they needed it.  Wylie really needs to have their offense feature S. Payne & P. Brooks skill set.  Shayden pick & rolling off Brekke & Brooks sitting on the three point line.  Payne to the hoop is money, their bigs hustle & are great with put backs around the hoop.  I'm a bit surprised that Wylie didn't return the favor of full court pressing the Tigers back.  It's pretty hard to keep up two way pressing for an entire game & I didn't feel that the Tigers strong points were ball handling by any means, they just weren't tested to see.

It just didn't come together for Wylie in what was going to be a tough match up regardless of how well they played.   I still enjoy their "team play" & think they can still come together here in the second half of the season, Payne needs to just force the issue more when it is necessary & they need designed plays for Payton Brooks so that they can ride or die with his shooting.  I would bet on it, if he gets good looks (off picks, double picks, pick & rolls) you can win on his back.

19-4 Frenship vs 11-11 Wylie, Final Score 62 - 41

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